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Daniel Cardona

Breaking reality makes the best pieces for new worlds.
Lead Producer en Zygobot

I am passionate about the world of videogames and interactive media.

I'm a game producer with an emphasis on strategic design and game design. I always seek to meet a high standard on the delivery and seek to complete the most important always focusing on the details. I feel comfortable working in areas where the uncertainty of the outcome is high and I seek to help guide teams even when making unpopular or difficult decisions I  also have experience in Web page, characters design, as well as art direction, script and fictional Worldbuilding.

I am a person who is very involved in the field of technology and who is always aware of the latest news and developments, I perform very well with all types of software.





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Dino Tanks

Daniel Cardona

Dinosaurs in Tanks battle against each other to be the survivors in this Family Friendly Shooter.

Siege Tennis

Daniel Cardona

Inspired by siege weapons and the medieval era when you have to defend your nation and prevent the enemy from destroying your walls. This is a game that integrates the mechanics of tennis to the destruction of walls.


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