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Camilo Montañez

El tiempo es solo tuyo, tu decides que quieres hacer con el.
Business Development en 3GOVideo

Camilo Montañez

Industrial Engineer, Speaker, Storyteller, Visionary of Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Tech as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, with experience in Business Development, Strategic, Sales, PR, and marketing.

As a speaker, I have spoken in Webcongress, Vision Summit VR / AR by Unity among others.

Currently, Work increase the Local Tech-Startup Ecosystem for Huawei Colombia as Manager of Local ECosystem, Executive Director of COVRCO Virtual Reality Community in Colombia whose principal aim is to promote the use and knowledge of Virtual and Augmented reality technologies.

Lead of Developer Circle Bogota from FaceBook.

Co-founder & Business Developer at 3GOVideo company that create and develop content and apps for Virtual and Augmented Reality, 360 Videos creating immersive experiences like if you been there, From the beginning of the idea to the development of a product in a strategic way



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Camilo Montañez

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