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Bogotá, Colombia

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    H2S Fest 2020 Program
    What is going to happen?

    We will host live simultaneous sessions on July 1 & 2 between 15:00 – 19:00 CEST including live webinars, Q&As, workshops, discussion panels and 1-1 sessions hosted by experts and international entrepreneurs. Enjoy two days of great content designed around four content categories: Make It Happen, Community, Business Landing, and The Future.


    Content Categories


    Make It Happen

    The practical approach on how to start, grow and expand your business.
    Make It Happens covers everything you'll need to succeed including topics such as start-up visa, business plan creation, how to find new clients on LinkedIn, how to pitch and get funded, legal and tax requirements, and business coaching.


    Who is who? Meet top international Netherlands-based startups and community leaders.
    Success stories and initiatives led by internationals. Get to know the story of Picnic, Corona Party, Women in Analytics, and the amazing communities lead by internationals around the Netherlands such as International Creative Women (Eindhoven), Rotterdam Venture Cafe, and Business Breakfast (Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Rotterdam).

    Business Landing

    Ready to go international? Get started in two unique countries: Netherlands (high in innovation) and Colombia (rich in Biodiversity).
    Learn how to go international as an SME and explore business landing opportunities in the Netherlands and Colombia showcased as the gateways to enter Europe and Latin America. Experts will share their knowledge and insights on how to go International for SMEs, Dutch and Colombian Startup and Business landscape, and Cases of Success of European and Latin American businesses.

    The Future

    Look through our crystal ball and see the future of entrepreneurship.
    Starting with talks about the future of sustainable mobility, an international perspective of education, workspace after covid-19, the reinvention of co-working, and the next of acelarator and ending with the panel discussion on "Building bridges: the future of international entrepreneurship".


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