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Programa "estilo icfes" para calificar exámenes usando Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)

What is it:

I want to build a tool similar to quickkey, but free and open source, so that poor schools in india and latin america can easily grade paper exams, bringing this technology to the poor schools will enable them to do more and better exams, and will make the teachers have more time to either be with their families or dedicate more resources to class content and creativity.

Why i'm doing it: 

I want to build it so schools have access to better technology, in order to help bridge the gap between the poor and the rich in Colombia (my home country) and other poor countries around latin america and Asia.


1: Research tools: opencv, math stuff

2: Build Prototype 

3: test prototype in nearby schools

4: release first open source version and invite contributors

5: Build logo, website, social media stuff

6: Find people in Media who can help promote the idea locally

7: Find contributors and volunteers to continue with the development.